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India Writing

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All Members , Moderated
India Writing is a global forum which aims to bring together Indian writers, across geographies, genres and forms. India Writing supports web users who share a passion for creative writing and who want to use LiveJournal to share their writing (penned and published, or just works-in-progress), widen their audience, read and respond to members’ pieces, and engage in conversations about the world of writing.

Getting started:

Once you have created a LiveJournal account, you may click here to join this community. You may wish to post an entry in your own journal, or post some of your writing to this community (go to the Post to: drop-down at the top of the Post an Entry page and select 'india_writing').

Guidelines for india_writing:

1) Please post your original work. It could be any form, style or genre.

2) Other than your own writing, you are encouraged to post:
a) Writing prompts, multi-writer threads, etc.
b) Reviews (books, literary events, films, plays and so on)
c) Information on LiveJournal read-meets/offline meets/related events
d) Queries related to literature, invitations to relevant events, workshops or lectures and job offers or freelance opportunities for writers
e) Links (write an introduction to what you're recommending)
i) to sites that show good writing
ii) to online resources for writers

3) This is an open group. The only eligibility criteria are an interest in writing or India, if not both :).

4) Since LJ is a global platform, most of our members are multilingual. Although if you're posting in languages other than English, then putting an English translation along would help the readers. Trans-literation is an option too.

5) If you are cross-posting or referring to another’s work, do mention it clearly. If need be, give the author due credit.

6) When posting long posts, please ensure that you use an lj-cut. This is an absolute must to avoid using up too much space on the Friends’page of our members. In case you face trouble figuring out how to use an lj-cut or even if you have any other formatting query, feel free to get in touch with the maintainers and we’ll guide you along.

7) Writing that has explicit or disturbing content, strong language or the like should be marked so in the subject line (or descriptive header) of your post itself.

8) Please be constructive with feedback. Also, if you are looking for insights to a specific aspect, feel free to say so in your post.

9) Advertisements, Forwards and Spam are a strict no-no. Such posts will be deleted.

10) If you're unsure about the guidelines and are looking for a clarification, feel free to contact any of the maintainers.