Peter Griffin (zigzackly) wrote in india_writing,
Peter Griffin

India Writing is now all yours

As I said in my previous post, it will take us a while to have the results of the Quick Tales contest ready.

But y'all don't have to sit on your hands until we're done.

This community is now all yours. LiveJournal intends it become a new home on the web for great India writing. And it's up to you folks, as founder members, to set the pace.

So, please post your original writing—any style, any genre—to the community for comments and feedback. And remember, do as you would have done to you: if you want comments on your work, set an example by commenting on writing by other members.

Don't stop at that. Go visit the pages of the other members of this community (you can find them by visiting the community's Profile page, and scrolling down to the "Members" section) and say hello, get to know each other, become friends, and all that good stuff that you do in a community.

Have fun, and keep writing!
Tags: india writing

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