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Flash Fiction sandbox - writing prompt 2

This is an exercise I once posted on Caferati's forum. Many of you here may find it a worthy challenge.

One thing you should know. Fifty-fivers are a very strict subset of the flash writing family. All stories must be exactly 55 words long. No more, no less.

Fabricate fifty-fivers for fun

I was doing some research on fifty-fivers, and came across this piece.

Alex and Adam

Alex, an aged almsman, articulated an afterthought.

"Always address agnostics amiably and answer atheists affectionately." Adam, another aged almsman, addressed Alex�s absurd aphorism, asking, "And after an apocalypse?"

Alex alluringly assumed an agreeable air and answered Adam: "Apocalypse and afflatus are amazingly abstract areas � affection and amiability accomplish ample acquiescence and alleviate anger."

Adam agreed.

Jeremiah Jacques
Asheville, NC

So, here's your exercise.

Submissions of exactly fifty-five words. No more, no less.

No topic, theme or trigger. But there is one restriction. Every one of the fifty-five words in your story must start with the same letter.

Your time starts now.

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