scarlet_19 (scarlet_19) wrote in india_writing,


 Lines and Rivulets of fate,
Etched into my skin,
Question marks and hazy paths
Simmering within
You stare at me
You're etched in stone
And you tell me I'm alone
There's no way to turn back time
What will be will be,
And so I smile and wait a while,

Que Sera Sera doesnt work for me
And you, fine lines shall see.
For fingerprints wont lead my way
And that is why I stand today
To turn the tide of time
And yes it will be harder than
Perhaps accepting what I can
And let the tide sweep me by
Never pause and wonder why
I never took the wheel
Why was I fate's puppet?
Was that always the deal?
I dont ask for oppurtunity
And I dont ask for fate
And I dont ask that time make haste
Oh, it will be worth the wait.
For life never came at a fortune teller's price
Horoscopes did not life lessons earn
And you will see, it wont be me
But you fine lines, who'll turn.

-Akshara Walia


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