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Sweet Surprise


Im an idiot. There is no other explanation for this. Im a stupid fool. I mean, considering I am a white-collar executive at a Software MNC, you would think I would be intelligent and smart. But Nooooo…Because what 27 year old smart man falls head over heels for a straight guy? Can you name anyone? Well, guess what? Now you can. His name is Michael Canning. That’s me.


So, I am in love with this guy who is straight. I cant stop thinking about him, I see him everywhere. I jerk off to fantasies that star him in every position possible.


And if this was not enough the said guy is my colleague, for God’s sake. My Colleague! All day at work I keep ogling him, not unlike most of the women in the office. But when we have to interact I am a complete blabber boy.  Im 27, dammit, not 15!


Agreed, he’s extremely good-looking, with strong jaw-line and sharp features. He has beautiful thick black wavy hair that falls elegantly on his neck. Every time I see him, my hands itch to touch those lovely locks, feel them slide softly through my fingers.


He has incredibly magnetic eyes, deep hazel with streaks of green. The green is almost invisible unless you look closely. Just proves how much time I spend staring at him.


The thing that teases me most, though, is the little dark brownish-black mark he has just above his collar-bone. Its almost invisible in formal shirts but clearly draws attention when he’s in casuals. I cant help but wonder how the mark would feel under my tongue, how it would taste, is it more sensitive than rest of his skin? Guess I’ll never know, will I?


He wears shirts that are a size smaller so they loving cling to his well-toned muscles. God his pants! I am convinced he wears those pants that hug him like a second skin, accentuating his perfect ass and sleek legs, just to torture me.


He has this complete outgoing personality, people cant help but like him. He is smart with a great sense of humor and charms everyone with his smile. Several times I felt like he was leaning too close to show me something on the screen, or the his hand lingered on my shoulder just a little longer than what could be called friendly, but then he flirts with everyone. Besides, I could just be imagining the whole thing.


If you thought my life couldn’t get any more pathetic, you would be sooooo wrong. You see, this guy has two year old daughter, A Daughter!! Cute little girl with brunette curls and chubby cheeks and a sweet smile. She definitely gets her looks from her dad, that’s for sure. Well, she spends her days in the company’s playgroup facility while her ‘papa’ toils away. The father and daughter have lunch together and the dad goes to check on her several times a day.


Watching him with his daughter, my heart fills with warmth and swells before sinking back to my stomach. I mean, those moments are so amazing but they just remind me of how unreachable he is.


Well, right now I am watching him wrap up for the day as I do the same. I see him leave for the men’s room and let out a deep sigh.


“Hi daaaaarrrling..”


I turn around with a smile, “Hi Laura.”


Laura’s like an assistant to me, keeping my files in order, reminding me of deadlines and such. She also does some other stuff, but I have no idea what it is.


“So do you have hawt date for the Christmas party? Huh?”


I chuckle, “Umm..Im…not going to attend this year..”


“What? Com’on you gotta come. I mean, so what if you don’t have a date?” Then she lowered her voice conspiringly and said, “I have it on good authority that the Clarkson’s staff is invited. I hear they have many hawt young things.”


Clarkson’s was our media partner.


“Thanks for that tit-bit, but I have to be at Mom’s early. She wants me to help her last minute Christmas shopping. She wont take ‘No’ for an answer. You know how mothers are.”


“Really..?” She pouted and turned puppy dog eyes on me.


I smiled, “Yeah, babe. Sorry.”


“Okay see ya then. Wish your mother from me.”


I hug her, “Merry Christmas, Laura. And enjoy yourself.”


I started for the elevators when I heard her call after me, “And remember hon, next time we meet you betta have boyfriend!”


I shake my head and chuckle as I enter the elevator. As the doors are about to slide shut, a hand stop them and there he is. The man of my dreams!


He then turns to me and says, “I couldn’t help but overhear, you are not coming to the Christmas party?”

“Er…no..yes..I mean, well. No, I wont be there.”


He was moving closer, “Too bad..”


I take a step or two back and am immediately cornered against the wall, but he keeps moving in. I am staring, the black mark, his hair, it is all right there. I just have to raise my hand and touch it. Then I see his lips moving and realize that he is speaking.


By the time my hearing kicks in I have already lost part of the sentence.


“….need a little incentive.”




He is now leaning closer, bending down slowly, all the while looking straight into my eyes. A sigh of relief passes through my lips as he kisses me. It is soft, sweet, I can just feel the tip of his tongue. It lasts for just a few seconds, before he gently nips my lower lip and pulls away.



His voice was husky, laden with lust…almost promising as he whispers into my ear, “Come to the party, Mikey. I’ll make sure you enjoy.”


As if on cue the elevator dings and he turns around to get off. He pauses on second thought, keeping one foot in the door to stop it from sliding shut, looks at me and says, “Wear that green sweater of yours. Looks good on you.”


And with a flirty quirky smile and a wicked wink he walks off, leaving me standing there, stunned.


I don’t remember getting to the parking or finding my car, but here I am driving home with a happy, floaty heart. I know there is a goofy smile playing on my face, but I don’t care, because you know what, guys? I have a party to forward to, YEEE-HAA!! 


I pull out my cell and speed-dial four, “Hey, Mom….yeah about that Christmas shopping….”     



Tags: homosexuality, romance, short story

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