October 7th, 2008

Quick Tales - an apology and an update

Hi all,

First, apologies for the delay in announcing the Quick Tales results. We had a few nasty health problems to deal with, which got in the way. We're back on track now, however, and your patience will soon be rewarded.

Coming up soon, the short list, and your chance to vote for the People's Choice Prize. And once we're done with that, the winners!

As promised, all updates will be posted to this community first, so do stay subscribed to stay in touch.

Meanwhile, we're glad to see that so many of you have invested time and effort into keeping this community buzzing.

Keep writing!


Please review/give feedback-scene from novel

Dear All,
This is a scene right after the opening of the novel. I am looking for critical evaluation/feedback


Preeti, the protagonist is a woman who has been pressurised to take medication for suspected bipolar disorder.
The other people are- Adi- her son, who is taking care of her in Bangalore where she has landed after a violent episode with her husband Vivek who is at work( not in Bangalore). Adi is not going to be in India for a month.  

Jay her brother , a psychiatrist practising in UK is trying to convince the family to hospitalise Preeti. She has just got out of the hospital, after experiencing a severe reaction to the medication proposed.


The post on Live journal is on my journal

(I have consolidated them all on the blog- for anyone who wants to check out what happened before this scene)

Sorry for cross posting.