October 6th, 2008

Invitation to join the India Travels community on Live Journal

Do you have any travels stories from India to share with the world? I am sure you do just like most of us. Right?

It is not possible to have spent time in India and not have something unique to share about this country, and its people, culture, religion, natural wonders and more. Even if you have spent all your life in the same town. How about sharing some anecdotes with others? And reading what others have to say?

You can do this by joining the India Travels Community on Live Journal. If you are already on India Writing, you know what you have to do. You can also click here to join quickly.

Let's travel together...isn't India beautiful?

Where would you suggest your best friend travel to in India?

If you were asked for a recommendation to travel to in India, what would you come up with? Assume time, fitness, gender and money are no bar.

However, this is what your best friend is expecting from you: It has to be a place where you had experiences known only to a few. It could be because the place is remote or not so popular, or there is something special at a certain time of the year. Maybe you had a special exposure to the people or their culture, customs, religion or food which most miss out on. Anything which you will be hard pressed to find when you Google for it.

If you have something you are dying to share with the whole world, post it on the India Travels Community on Live Journal.

Will your writing transport us to where you have already been?