September 15th, 2008

One of my short stories...

And so I was thinking which one of mine should I submit here. Most of them are so personal and private that I would never dream of sharing them. But I dug up this in one of my folders and thought that this can be shared with this wonderful community.

So here's starting of this awesome community with one of my writings. Please bear in mind that I own all copyright to this story and none of the characters portrayed in this flash story are real. No one is allowed to use this story anywhere else without my prior explicit permission.

Sorry, i felt that was necessary. I always do that. But I don't think there should be anything t fear as most of us are writers and we all know how painful copyright infringement and plagiarism can be. So, please don't indulge in either.

Here goes, hope you all will like it................

A Beautiful Moment

By: Bikramjit Singh Kohli

It is a beautiful time, dusk, and if you happen to be on a beach with the one you love, it is like icing on the cake. Susan and Alex were walking barefoot on the smooth surface of the sand, their hands entwined. They could see the sun setting yonder.

As the ball of fire and light prepared to drown itself in the vast ocean, Alex and Susan had already drowned themselves in each other’s love. Surrounded by the sun’s heavenly orange glow, time stood still as Susan lost herself in the grey of Alex’s eyes, and Alex found himself dissolving in Susan’s blue.

“Susan?” Alex asked tentatively.


Fumbling, Alex took out a small box from his pocket. He opened it, and while kneeling down on one knee, looked up at Susan and said the magic words.

“Will you marry me?”


That is it...yes, it is a shortt (flash) story. Any comments? would love to hear them...

Thanks and take care

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