September 10th, 2008

Dateline :9/11

Dateline: 9/11
I loved to watch birds.
[Flying kingdom of it shines
on a cloudless sky.]
I loved airplane all the same.

The long office hours,
dull drones used to make
my sleepy eyes
shifting through a sky,
searching for an opening
to fly with the birds…

[A day is a day
until something happens.]

I, an useless man
was looking at the window,
close to the sky.
Someone say about a file.
My habitual hands
shifted with a mechanical speed
over some dead tree pulps.
Papers surrounded
me once more.
I wished for a wing, again.

“Look buddy! A jet.”
I had not seen one flying so close.
I of course would not see one again.
[A flight,
It was coming to me,
into me,
the burst
the blast.
[As to why,
I don’t know the answer still today.]

I can see my girl from here
in black, mourning through
million nights and more.
Ah! Sky is so light
and my speed is in light-years.
Beneath lies the earth,
a dark mound oozing sepia blood.