August 30th, 2008

Flash Fiction sandbox

For those of you who would like to flex your story-telling muscles a little (or just have some fun), we have a suggestion.

Come post a story here, and let fellow members comment.

Stay within the Quick Tales word limit — no more than 500 words — but choose your own theme. (Do not post the stories you have submitted or intend to submit to Quick Tales, please.)

For those of you who need the challenge of writing to a theme, I will post a new writing trigger every day from today until the contest closes for submission (7th September).

Flash Fiction sandbox - writing prompt 2

This is an exercise I once posted on Caferati's forum. Many of you here may find it a worthy challenge.

One thing you should know. Fifty-fivers are a very strict subset of the flash writing family. All stories must be exactly 55 words long. No more, no less.

Fabricate fifty-fivers for fun

I was doing some research on fifty-fivers, and came across this piece.

Alex and Adam

Alex, an aged almsman, articulated an afterthought.

"Always address agnostics amiably and answer atheists affectionately." Adam, another aged almsman, addressed Alex�s absurd aphorism, asking, "And after an apocalypse?"

Alex alluringly assumed an agreeable air and answered Adam: "Apocalypse and afflatus are amazingly abstract areas � affection and amiability accomplish ample acquiescence and alleviate anger."

Adam agreed.

Jeremiah Jacques
Asheville, NC

So, here's your exercise.

Submissions of exactly fifty-five words. No more, no less.

No topic, theme or trigger. But there is one restriction. Every one of the fifty-five words in your story must start with the same letter.

Your time starts now.