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The Room 102 Story

Act II:

The door bell shrieked.
Scenario 1:
The sweat dripped profusely. Her heartbeat raced faster than time. The time had lapsed into submission. She decided, it is better to give up.

She gingerly inched towards the door. Pangs of guilt enveloped the innocence that wanted to scream. The teak monolith glared at her, suppressing a wooden laugh. A knob overturn and it's all over for her.

Scenario 2:
The sweat dripped profusely. Her heartbeat raced faster than time. The time had lapsed into submission. A steely determination still lay somewhere within her inner being.

Shaken but not stirred; she held the sharp knife - the same she used a few minutes back. They are all the same, she thought as the door lay a few paces away.

Scenario 3:
The sweat dripped profusely. Her heartbeat raced faster than time. The time had lapsed into submission. She had to hide.

The window. The parapet. The ledge. Climbing the balcony. Stairs. Wall. Road. Freedom. She knew she was fit enough to do this. Destiny had to be averted. Moments later, she lunged for the window.

Scenario 4:
The sweat dripped profusely. Her heartbeat raced faster than time. The time had lapsed into submission. Hapless and lost, she felt dizzy.

The corrugated knife - the same one she used a few minutes back - felt light. Past memories zoomed as portraits. Life had no meaning for her. It has to end. Soon. Now.

Another bell ring.

Act III:
Scenario A:
The silence was numbing. The commotion had died. Maybe, its all over and we should head back, they thought. But she persisted. As far as she knew, the room next to theirs was almost always empty; though sometimes frequently by an aloof young lady. Suspicious and quiet, albeit never prone to nuisance. They had heard a man's voice sometime back followed by the screams. This new generation, what can you say...

Scenario B:
There was a flip in his step. Why is she taking so long? The idea of giving her the gift and gaze amorously at that cherubic face, it seemed so dreamy to him. So perfect! The gift she so direly wanted lay in his hands- gift wrapped. The tiny insignia on top of the gift read "With lots of love". Damn! Why is she taking so long?

Scenario C:
The two cops were genuinely annoyed. This was just the kind of situation they attend to everyday and 9.9 out of 10 times, it turns out to be a trivial family fight. They were police officers for mother-sister-freaking-sakes and no social crusaders to uphold family values. They wanted real gun action where they could exert real power- no soap business. Alas, some goddamn neighbor calls after hearing a scream and there they are: hoping for that 0.1 chance of real action. Now what's goin on here?

Scenario D:
Room No 102. He checked his Blackberry Storm again. Right. The apartment building also seems right. He glanced around. The 3 other closed doors stared back. Teak ones. Relief was evident on him. The pimp had confirmed this was the rendezvous. He knew, he can't be fooled with the amount he had paid. Why am I getting so excited? Or jittery? The crisp white shirt was indeed perspiring in the cold night. Life to change after the door opens.

Act I:
Scenario i:
He struck her with the monstrous hand that had besmirched many. Never dream more, you piece of shit. Another kick.

He gloated and headed for the fridge. In the corner, the sobs continued.

A few minutes later, death greeted him.

Scenario ii:
The lock clicked. She was home early. Ill, tired and weary. Rest and nap direly needed. That should rejuvenate enough to cook for two.

TV noise in the bedroom. Is he home already? Shock and awe. Betrayal.

A few minutes later, death greeted them.

Scenario iii:

He entered into her very being. It was egregiously blatant. How could he do this to me? She could not take the pain and the humiliation. Along with the scream and the sob came the realization.

A few minutes later, death greeted him.

Scenario iv:
They made love. He felt himself levitating in the Garden of Eden. True bliss. He never wanted to leave her from his grasp.

An excuse. A bathroom break. A sudden spasm in the back. Sob.

A few minutes later, death greeted him.
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