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LJ India, a hub for all LJ India users

Hi Everyone,         

We are happy to announce that it has been over six months since LJ announced its
localisation plans for India


We have been making great progress and with help from all of you, we have successfully launched a number of India specific communities. Besides India Writing the other active and buzzing India centric communities on LiveJournal are India Politics, India Travels, India Movies, India Sport and Bollywood Club


We would also like you take this opportunity to introduce to you LJ India. LJ India is going to be an active hub, almost the ground zero for all Indian users of LiveJournal, as well as all LiveJournal users interested in India.


Suggest ideas & improvements, ask questions, post queries, garner insights from other LJ users or just find friends with similar interests – LJ India is the community that you should join.


Do join the LJ India community. We look forward to meeting you on LJ India.


If you have any thoughts on how the past six months have been, or thoughts on how to take it forward, do leave a word.




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