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The results - and a couple of extra prizes!

A quick note on the judging, first.

Once our judges were through with their ratings, we saw that there were a large number of ties in the top ten, most notably, a four-way tie at first place.
We had made no reference to tied places in the contest conditions. But all our calls for submission focused on the top prize being available to one winner, and the advertising and PR implied this as well.
Contests must have winners, we decided — ties are commonplace for lower positions but on the whole the conventional wisdom is that there needs to be a winner of a contest. For instance, in Olympic boxing both defeated semi-finalists get a bronze medal (they're tied) while the winners of the semi-finals slug it out for gold and silver.
So we applied a simple method to separate the tied results. In every instance of a tie in the Round Two top ten, the Round One scores were factored in to break the tie.
The entries were close enough to still have ties in some of the lower positions, and we're going to let those stand. But yes, now we have an absolute, undisputed winner!

The prize-winners' names are hyperlinked to their LJ pages, so you can drop by to congratulate them. :)

Manisha Anand - Story 232
Rs 19,999

Joint 2nd (therefore equal share of 2nd & 3rd prize — Rs 16,000 + Rs 12,000 = Rs 28,000 / 2 = Rs 14,000 — with no 3rd prize)
Arantxa Bharatiya - Story 121
Rs 14,000
Ajay Krishnan - Story 526
Rs 14,000

J. Ramanand - Story 823
Rs 8,000
Joint 5th (therefore equal share of 5th — Rs 4,000 / 2 = Rs 2,000 — & 6th — LJ Paid account — with no 6th prize)
Rithwik K - Story 618
Rs 2,000 + LJ paid account for one year
amruta patil - Story 95
Rs 2,000 + LJ paid account for one year

Yashodhara Angara - Story 642
LJ paid account for one year

Meena Rukmini Menon - Story 177
LJ paid account for one year
Joint 9th (so no 10th prize)
Rahul Soni - Story 948
LJ paid account for one year
Sharath Chandra Komarraju - Story 479
LJ paid account for one year

People's Choice Prize
To be announced. (Here's why.)
Caferati Jury Special Prize:
Saikat - Story 222
Rs 10,000 + LJ paid account for one year
(This story will come as a surprise, since it didn't feature in the list of stories eligible for the People's Choice Prize. This story was good. very, very good. All the judges, in both round of judging, enjoyed it very much and rated it so highly that it was in line to receive first prize in the contest. Alas, when Caferati and LiveJournal did a review of the results, we had to admit that it didn't have a connection to the "Journal" theme, and therefore should have been disqualified in fairness to the other participants. However, since the story had got such high marks, and had won the hearts of all the judges, Caferati's editors decided that it should not go unrewarded. So, they are sponsoring a special Jury Prize, on behalf of Caferati, Samit Basu, Anjum Hasan and Anita Roy. And LiveJournal has also decided that excellent writing skills should be recognised, and are adding on a one year paid account for the winner.)

Caferati Editor's Prize:
Madhulika Liddle - Story 442
Rs 4,000 + LJ paid account for one year
(Caferati's editors read and rated over one thousand stories to come up with the short list. There was huge variety, much originality, and many that were a sheer delight to read, standing out from the crowd. From all of those, this is the story that got rated highest in Round One of the judging, the one that Caferati's editors decided they wished to reward by sponsoring a special Caferati Editors' Prize. LiveJournal is also adding to the prize by giving the winner a one year paid account.)

And finally, the Winners page on the Quick Tales site is now public. As are all the scores.
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