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Please review/give feedback-scene from novel

Dear All,
This is a scene right after the opening of the novel. I am looking for critical evaluation/feedback


Preeti, the protagonist is a woman who has been pressurised to take medication for suspected bipolar disorder.
The other people are- Adi- her son, who is taking care of her in Bangalore where she has landed after a violent episode with her husband Vivek who is at work( not in Bangalore). Adi is not going to be in India for a month.  

Jay her brother , a psychiatrist practising in UK is trying to convince the family to hospitalise Preeti. She has just got out of the hospital, after experiencing a severe reaction to the medication proposed.


The post on Live journal is on my journal

(I have consolidated them all on the blog- for anyone who wants to check out what happened before this scene)

Sorry for cross posting.



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