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Ultimately - A short story

Tonight was the night that she had fantasized about all these years. At last, the time had come to fulfill one more of her exotic fantasies. Rashmi went about with her routine chores with a practiced efficiency, barely giving a thought to the job at hand. Her mind was busy anticipating the event that she had so meticulously planned. The chime of the doorbell broke into her reverie and as she went to open the door, she wiped her hands on her apron and brushed back the strands of hair that had fallen onto her face.

It was Ramesh, her husband of thirteen years, looking pooped after a hard day at work. As he gave her a peck, she felt good that he still managed to warm the cockles of her heart with his little gestures of affection. She watched him as he went about refreshing himself, continuing with the dinner preparation.

Soon Mike would come home and that thought got her pulse on the trot. Mike was her brother-in-law who had come over for a short while on his official business and a lot of pleasure she thought. Last time that he was here with his wife they had a great time together -- all four of them. Mike's wife, Laila, was a 'great' and 'fun loving' girl but all within the parameters laid down by the ubiquitous 'Society'. She loved doing the 'been there' and 'done that' jig. She lived life to the hilt. She was exactly what the doctor ordered for a guy like Mike. Mike, who devoted all his time and energies to climbing the corporate ladder, found Laila the perfect hanger-on to enhance his image in society at large. Both of them loved to party, especially if it fitted in the proper societal slot, whereby they would be seen and appreciated.

So they had gone out dining and wining and generally had a great time. It was on one of these occasions that a silent bond between Mike and Rashmi had been activated. Rashmi recalled that incident vividly and with great pleasure. The four of them had gone out for dinner to celebrate Mike's birthday at the great seafood restaurant that all of them loved. There was a band in attendance, they got them to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Mike, and for the occasion the management of the restaurant presented him with a lovely chocolate cake. It was cut with great fanfare with everybody in the restaurant wishing him. In the ensuing chaos Mike's feet were against Rashmi's and noticing that Rashmi didn't mind it, Mike did not retract his feet from the warm position under the table. Soon they were playing footsie and there was nothing on their facial expressions to suggest what was going on under the table. They would only occasionally exchange glances that spoke volumes in a few seconds, in a language that only they would understand. They had perfected this language to an art and would indulge in it everytime they would get the opportunity of being together, irrespective of the company they would be in. This went on for quite sometime with occasional pecking or stolen kisses as they were convinced that there was no loss of love for their respective spouses. Emboldened by the fact that they loved their spouses, as much if not more, they soon felt the urge to go further as they did not consider their actions as 'cheating'. Rashmi had always wanted to do something different. She was not keen on having a run of the mill extra-marital affair. Millions around the world were doing it. She wanted her relationship with Mike to be something different. It was towards this goal that she worked and got Mike to believe in it too. They wanted to make love in the room adjacent to the one in which Ramesh would be asleep. Their gameplan was simple. They would exploit Ramesh's weakness for drinks and get him to drink to his hearts content, so that he would just drop off to sleep the minute he would hit the sack. Mike was to get a bottle of Ramesh's favorite whisky and Rashmi would cook up some delicious dinner, which he just loved. It was a lethal combination that would act like a piledriver and just knock Ramesh out for the count by the end of the evening.

Rashmi had just finished preparing the dinner and was on her way to the bath for a cool shower when Ramesh caught her and gave her a bear hug.

"Let's make love," he whispered in her ear while beginning to nibble at her earlobes.

"Oh come on," she replied, "Mike will be coming over now and I have to have my shower and freshen up too. Lets keep it for the night, okay?"

She pushed him off gently and went on her way to the bath. Heaving a sigh of disappointment, Ramesh went off towards the living room to his favorite armchair to read the newspaper. He kept flipping the pages without actually reading anything. He just could not concentrate. His mind seemed to be in a flux. He put the newspaper away and decided to listen to some soothing music to relax. He loved to listen to the strains of the flute whenever he found himself disturbed. It always had a magical effect on him. He lay back on the couch as the soft soothing vibrations of the music wafted across the room. It relaxed the frustration of not making love when he wanted to. His mind was being defragmentized to ensure preservation of mental hygiene. Soon he would be ready to socialize, an activity he did not particularly relish, but participated anyway, to maintain environmental harmony.

It was during this process that a vague line of thought crossed his consciousness -- that he had detected a possible vibrational bond between Mike and Rashmi. But he did not dwell on it out of sheer fear as he was not sure of the results and if it was positive he wondered how to cope with it, since he loved Rashmi too much to even vaguely think of a life without her. So life was peaceful as long as the issue was not dwelt upon. All he wanted was honesty from all concerned and they could get away with murder.

"Hey, Ramesh, wake up. What's happening? Tiring day at work?"

"Hi Mike, when did you get in? Had just nodded off listening to the soothing music. So how was your day?"

The casual conversation went on till they seated themselves comfortably with their drinks. Then started a long discussion on the rotten state that the country was being dragged into by the politicians. This was of course punctuated regularly by the compliments to Rashmi for the lovely Reshmi kababs and other savories that she had prepared for the occasion.

It would seem like any other family casually spending a pleasant evening together except for the fact that Rashmi and Mike were actually arousing each other visually. Of course there was a little touch and a careless caress now and then to help things along but it was all done very surreptitiously and this turned them on all the more. It was more or less their foreplay. Ramesh was busy gorging on the food and the alcohol helped him feel very philosophical and intellectual as he cast his pearls of wisdom.

Soon it was time to bid goodnight. Mike retired to the guestroom as Ramesh and Rashmi went to theirs, after the customary 'Goodnights'. Ramesh had gone to bed expecting Rashmi to fulfill her promise of making love, but by the time he held her in his arms he was dropping off to sleep. The alcohol was taking over and though he desired he could not perform. Rashmi waited till she was sure he was asleep, indicated audibly by his snoring, and went ahead to fulfill her desires. She gently closed the door behind her, both as she left her bedroom, and after she entered the room where Mike was eagerly waiting for her. They were both ready for each other and got into the act lustily. Moaning and grunting with pleasure they went on satiating their lust for each other. And then it was done. Quickly she tidied herself and just brushing her lips against his forehead, went back to her bedroom to ensure that she would not be missed.

Ramesh was still fast asleep in an alcoholic stupor. As she lay beside him, she could not sleep. Instead, her mind started wandering on all that had taken place. She loved Ramesh; there was no doubt about it in her mind. So why was she doing this, she wondered. What if Ramesh learnt of this? Would it be sensible for her to tell Ramesh all about it, especially when she knew how he appreciated honesty from all those mattered? Because, she realized, that inspite of what she had done she did not feel any form of love for Mike. It was sheer lust and maybe a sense of adventure.

Ultimately, she would have to decide whether to continue lusting one and loving another or loving and lusting her beloved. The pros and cons of the actions started presenting themselves in her mind. The debate must have continued in her subconscious because the next thing she knew was Ramesh's arm was round her protectively and he was whispering 'Good morning' in her ear. She cuddled upto him and felt warm and secure with the thought that ultimately she would confide into him and strengthen their bond of love and they would love and lust forever with no room for aliens.

"Good morning darling," she whispered as a new day in their life dawned -- ultimately.

Mike on his part, though he found it a bit disconcerting in the beginning, also soon distanced himself from the affair. He realized that to continue would have been foolish since ultimately Rashmi did not feature anywhere in his goals except as a passing fancy. Fortunately nobody was left feeling worse for the experience, the aberrations in their lives were just treated as that, and they went on in search of maybe some more aberrations.. Oops…adventures.

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